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My Own Person

At a wedding, people are often recognized as someone’s Son, Mother, Wife. We play a role in each other’s stories. Sometimes I’m reminded that the story of a marriage begins not with the happy couple, but with their individual selves. When I look at this picture, I’m drawn to its composure. It’s the way her dress hangs casually in the back; her silver necklace, like her updo, reveals a quiet reassurance; and the way she sits at the forefront, owning the frame. In this picture, she is nobody’s wife, nobody’s daughter, or mother—she is her own self and she tells her story.

“In the happiest moments of my life, I was nobody’s son, nobody’s father, or husband. I was myself.” -- Thomas Roma

Family photo

When you take away the "1, 2, 3, Cheese!" you are left with a family portrait full of life's messiness and fun. Look at the way the family are held together by a string, the way they all snuggly fit inside the cozy frame, anchored by the groom in red. I love how everyone is doing their own thing, in their own world, but connected. I hope they can remember from this picture not of how each person looked like, but what the day felt like.

Note: The only two people looking at the camera —they're brothers.


The first thing that drew me to the picture was the girl in green. Her expression is timid and unsure. She seems to be at an age where she is growing up faster than the kids around her.

I remember vividly what it felt like being at that age and how clothes never fit because my mother would always buy a size bigger so that I can predictably grow into them. There’s a budding self-consciousness that comes with that age as well that is both awkward and exciting, which you can see in her face and where she puts her hands. But for some reason, in a picture where you see women represented through all ages, the girl in green glows timidly and elusively, like her sun-kissed hair, as if hinting at the beauty that is to come.

And look at that boy next to her. His big ears and big smile. How do you not love family pictures?


A portrait is a snapshot of a moment in time and place. It documents photographic facts of a person’s face, costume, body language, and environment. A wedding portrait often depicts two people in the role of bride and groom. The costume is the wedding dress and suit, the body language is proper and precise, the face is loving in a way that you’d expect, like in a magazine or a movie. I love this portrait here. An in-between moment stolen from their busy day, it shows a portrait of two people, stripped from their roles of bride and groom, revealing their unfiltered self. I think it shows that they are more than picture perfect lovers. The way her hand perched on his shoulder tells me they are best friends. They are a team.

Every time I look at this picture it reminds me of who they are. And I fall in love with them all over again.


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