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Letting the day wash over you

Weddings are stressful. The amount of events, photo-ops, and family traditions can overwhelm the best of them. So much planning have went into the day and so many things could go wrong and will go wrong. To be able to go through the day without a care and embrace the messiness of life, is wisdom that I have yet seen in few brides. The bride in this picture is serene and content. I think it’s the way her hair has endured the long day; I think it’s her relaxed shoulders and the softness of her smile that say, “What a day.”

Perfection is overrated. Let the day wash over you with all its mess and glory.

A blissful moment

There is something genuinely blissful about this moment. It looks like we opened a door and found this secret and happy moment. I'd always chase after the bride and groom the moment they triumphantly walk out of the ceremony. There is a brief second that they have to themselves after a very public display of commitment and ritual, and they share a moment that only belongs to them. I also love the way they are basked in the light, brightening their expressions It's as if he's saying, "Umm... can we have a minute here?"

an indescribable joy.

we learn to love.


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