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Jenny & Mark at Hycroft Manor

a Wedding in Twenty Pictures

June 2020 –

Hycroft has always been treasured for its majesty. Its halls echo with deep history and tradition. There is a seriousness that come with the building, one that is appropriate for a black tie wedding.

But when you put in a family of 4 in an empty mansion—add in a couple of friends, one of whom is the officiant, and an open stream on a laptop—the building suddenly becomes homey and accessible. That is how we felt at Jenny & Mark’s wedding last June.

The seriousness of Hycroft softened to a warm and cozy family home. That is what we wanted to capture at this intimate family wedding.

“It’s almost serene when there are only a handful of people standing under the majestic columns.”

Full Bloom Lavender Farm.

“The engagement shoot was meant to be shot much earlier, but due to the rain, it ended up taking place the day after Jenny’s elopement. Rather than a prequel to the big day, it unveils a new chapter.”


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