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Amanda & Richard

a stylish and intimate Family Wedding in Railtown


Whether standing in front of a crowd of 100 or 10, the commitment to engage with the hard work of love and marriage is between two people.


This was a small wedding done right. When Amanda & Richard realized that their dream wedding of having a classy gathering at The Permanent was likely not feasible, they focused instead on asking themselves what their priorities were for their wedding—and by extension, the values important to their marriage. The result was a well-planned, stylish, and family-oriented wedding that took place both on the rooftop of an old Railtown brick building, as well as the Bride’s family home of more than 20 years, where she shared it with her parents and four siblings.

Amanda got ready in her family home, where cousins, aunts and uncles would drop in and out, offering help and blessings.

Many of these family members were key contributors to the wedding, including Amanda’s brother, Kevin, who flew in from Calgary to officiate the wedding

The Father of the Bride, Tien, walks around the house to get it ready for the small backyard reception after the ceremony.


The thing about having a small wedding without the hustle and bustle of a jam packed schedule is that it makes you more present.


Here, on a rooftop in Railtown, the Groom soaks in the surrounding sounds of seagulls and passing trains, as he awaits his bride to be.

Amanda’s passion is in decorating, often designing her friends’ weddings. Her style and attention to detail was on full display in her own wedding.

When our broad social network is put on hold, it’s our inner circle of support that holds us together.

This was what many weddings in 2020 looked like. We don’t see anything wrong with the picture.